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Compassion, Reading Skills, and Math Skills: Is your child ready?

June 3, 2009

I read something very interesting about the heart today. Did you know that the “heart has a magnetic field that is approximately five thousand time stronger than the brain and an electrical field that’s forty to sixty times stronger than the brain…” ? This means that the heart’s magnetic field can overcome the brain’s electric field. What you put into your heart directly affects your emotions and your ability to learn because the heart has “an extensive communication system with the brain… With every beat, the heart transmits complex patterns of neurological, hormonal, pressure, and electromagnetic information to the brain and throughout the body that play a major part in determining your emotions or how you feel” (from Dr. Don Colbert’s book: The Seven Pillars of Health, page 241).

The latest Early Childhood Research shows that music is the key to your child’s heart, mind, and body, specifically creating compassion, new neural connections, and increasing physical and emotional strength. Connect to your child’s heart by filling his or her life with fun musical activities that promote friendship, creativity, pretend play, and self-worth. When your child’s heart is engaged it will draw your child’s brain to distinguish the sounds of language, practice pre-reading skills, practice cognitive reasoning, and to grow in knowledge and appreciation of others and of music! Reading, language, math, emotional strength, and compassion are characteristics which your child needs in school and in life!

Prepare your child for success now and in the future!
Come see how your child will benefit from Kindermusik!!

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