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Express Yourself

July 13, 2009

Kindermusik through Music Moments in Blue Ridge and Jasper, GA is certainly a place to express yourself! We have had a lot of fun this summer making monkey motions and noises, playing peek-a-boo, and even expressing our creativity through the crafts!

Smile at your baby so he'll smile back

Did you know that when you show expression to your child through your face, your voice, and your body language, you are encouraging your child to respond and express himself? For babies it is important to make eye contact and smile so that they learn to respond with a joyful heart through their face. It is also important to respond to your baby’s expression so that he or she will not loose that expression. They will only keep the ones you respond to.

Smile at your baby so he’ll smile back

As your toddler grows, expression is the name of the game! From yelling NO!! to hugging you tight, your toddler is crying out to be heard.

Expressions: HIGH and low!

Expressions: HIGH and low!

Did you know that reading to your child helps him or her learn the expressive points of language.  Make sure you crinkle your nose, or look afraid, or be excited as the story describes so that your child learns the emotional response, but it helps him to have a foundation for speaking and reading expressively in the future!

After you have given the examples of expression, your preschooler will have his or her own ideas about the story. Its so fun to find hidden pictures and discuss what’s happening in the On the Road story!

A wealth of ideas from one book!

A wealth of ideas from one book!

Look that cloud looks like an elephant!

Another way to express is through artwork. The Kindermusik Adventures Crafts are so precious. They give you one on one time with your child, they give your child a chance to create, and to be proud of their accomplishments!

Post your crafts on the refrigerator! Post them on facebook or this blog! Share with others how Kindermusik is helping your child express himself or herself to the world

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