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ABC Music and Me

October 4, 2009

If your child is taking ABC Music and Me in Jasper, Blue Ridge, and Ellijay, Georgia, you can easily see how the class creates the desire for creativity, socialization, and movement! I’m always amazed at how excited the children come to my classes and really do enjoy them!

In case you don’t know ABC Music and Me is a relatively new program created for the purpose of learning language through music. The program’s brain child at Kindermusik International is Brian Healy, who is the founder of Hooked On Phonics. He came to Kindermusik with the vision to create a program that would help children learn to read using music, just as his own teacher had helped him read through music.
One unique way we work on language skills is having the children directly participate in the story by filling in the rhyming words and helping with sound effects. As the children participate, they are encouraged to focus and then their brains begin to understand phonemes, phonics, rhyming words, sequence, comprehension, and more!
Not only does ABC Music and Me help your child with language, but it also helps with learning musical concepts like quarter notes, piano/forte, and so much more!

If your child has been in ABC Music and Me this semester, then post your comments!!Kindermusik Fall 2009 group 8 008Kindermusik Fall 2009 group 8 039

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