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Shake off Bitter Cold at Kindermusik!

January 8, 2010

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
– poet and author Berthold Auerbach

Is your child shy or strong willed? Music can certainly put you in a different frame of mind if you allow it to. At Kindermusik we focus on helping your child learn to control his or her emotions. As your child begins to understand and expect the routine of our classes, he or she will calm down, will be come more confident, and learn to follow instructions from you and the teacher. Its so great to use music at home too! Music can help calm your child down before bed time, or get him excited about having his picture taken! Help you have a fun day out in the snow!! Sing a long and hum as you go!

Another way Kindermusik helps your child’s emotions is to help connect both sides of your child’s brain. The left side is for math and reasoning. The right side is creativity and emotion. Connecting the to, is the corpus callosum. In Kindermusik we strengthen the corpus callosum through exercise that crosses the middle part of the body. A strong corpus callosum helps both sides of the brain communicate and helps keep your child’s brain from using one side or the other too much, therefore keep your child calmer and more able to deal with difficult situations now and later in life!

Kindermusik… a good beginning NEVER ends!!!

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