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Starting and Stopping Builds Self-Control and Confidence

January 21, 2010

Did you know that starting and stopping activities help your child learn self-control? By running to “I’ve Been Workin on the Railroad” and then stopping suddenly, your child learns to control his or her body. Control of the body preceedes control of the self, mind, heart, and soul. In Kindermusik Village we listened to “Jasmine Flower” and stopped moving our scarves each time we heard the gong sound. While we hold our babies and stop the movement for them, they are still experiencing the motion and stopping sensation and their brain is figuring out how that works. In Our Time, we make our trains, cars, planes and buses start and stop. Its so much fun to learn to do this stopping thing on our own now. Sometimes we might not stop at the right time, but as we progress through the class our self-control skills will increase. Now in Imagine That, at three years old Kindermusik preschoolers take that self-control to the next level. Now they can stop and start basically on cue, but can they keep the beat steady too? Steady beat helps them learn to move in space and in time and to have the coordination to tie the new shoes we got just last night. Kindermusik’s oldest class helps your child have a really big blast! We dance, move and freeze, and then we learn to control our minds to play the correct notes on the glockenspiel in the right time.

From ages 0 – 7 years, your child will enjoy learning to control himself through developmentally appropriate ways! Come try a FREE class, today!!

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