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Did you know learning is a process?

February 1, 2010


Did you know learning is a process?  Most of the time we think learning is about going to a class and completing the work and finishing that class.  Then, we’ve learned everything we need to know from that class, right?  Well, have you watched “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”  Since most people cannot get 10, usually quite simple questions correct, its quite obvious that not everyone learned and remembers everything from elementary school. You see learning is a life-long process.  I believe it begins at conception. Even in the womb babies can learn to respond to the same stimuli in the same way. Babies can hear and recognize sounds in the womb and your baby will know your voice when he or she is born.  Hearing is the most developed sense at birth.

As a newborn, it may seem like your child isn’t capable of learning, but has your child learned your responses?  Even from the beginning children can learn how to control your life based on how you respond to them.  They also learn to look around, follow sounds with eyes and head movements, focus on the world around them, learn that mommy needs a break sometimes, and that there are other people in the world.

As a 4-6 month old, your baby is now reaching and exploring his or her world.  Everthing she touches gives her brain something new to learn. When she touches a ball, she feels its round, as opposed to her teddy bear, which may be similar, but not exactly the same.  His brain likes to see the different colors and reach out to touch his own reflection in grandma’s glasses.   Even putting things in their mouths is part of learning!  Your child can sense the shape, texture, taste, and feel of an object by putting it in its mouth. Its the closest way  to feel connected to that object and learn about it for them. Of course we have to watch what they put in there, but when something goes in, it means they are learning about it.

As your little one learns to walk, the world is such a bigger and more interesting place. Your little cruiser begins to explore beyond earlier boundaries and you might have to get in shape to keep up with them!  They are also learning to talk and say basic words.  You may be amazed at how much they have grown in just a little over a year. 

During the next year, your child will grow to say thousands of words, run, gallop, and jump, as well as be interested in just about everything.

Do you see how the process of learning begins and continues?  Tune in next week for more information on the process of learning for your child!

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