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Learning is a Process

March 1, 2010

Rolling, Twisting, Around, and Through, Let's See what our Hoops can Do!

Once your baby is beginning to walk and talk, he or she has already been through some significant life changes, and they begin to want their freedom! It may be tempting to cuddle them and want them to sit in your lap, but their middle name is “GO!” The world has so much to explore and that is what your toddler now wants to do, explore! They enjoy exploring your house, including climbing on chairs and seeing just how far they can pull out the toilet paper roll! Now that they can walk they are also ready to try new things like running, jumping, tip-toeing, sliding, and bouncing. They are so proud their bodies can do new things and they become especially interested in what their fingers can do. That’s why in Kindermusik Our Time we focus on jumping, sliding, running, stopping, starting, with both our legs and arms, and our fingers! While your child is moving their brain is actually creating new neural pathways and solidifying the pathways already in place so that their brain is completely hard-wired for learning success! When we excercise our fingers, too, we are not only stimulating the brain, but we are strengthening the finger muscles for future painting, writing, and tying of shoes!!

Another focus for your toddler is language! Your toddler will know a couple of thousand words by age three, so its important to increase their vocabulary through modeling the actions and saying the words as their brain is picking up a new words everday! Also, studies have found that langauge acquistion (a fancy term for how we gain langauge skills) directly relates to learning music at an early age.  From  the recent research at Northwestern University a musician has a better understanding in their brain of the patterns of pitch, than someone who did not have musical training as a child. When the brain has better listening and pattern recognition skills for musical sounds, the same discernment is carried over into distinguishing the sounds of the letters they will learn at school!  Know that your Kindermusik experience is based on this kind of research, so language skill improvement through Kindermusik is a guarantee!

Giddy Up Horsey!

Tap, Tap, Fast and Slow, Now, I know which way to Go!

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