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What Parents are saying about Kindermusik classes through Music Moments!

March 13, 2010

Dear Parents and Readers,

Have you ever wondered what a Kindermusik class was like, but you were just a little afraid to try it? If so, then, why not take the advice of these parent comments and come tray a FREE class, today!

Check out these parent comments:

Miss Bonnie: “Which song is your favorite and how do you know your children like it?
Dannette (from Blue Ridge): “Peek-a-boo, I Love You! Definitely! They smile, laugh and start bouncing/dancing. I immediately get their attention and it has helped reduce their fussiness.”

“I can tell the girls are learning from the Kindermusik class when we are at home & reading a book & they imitate the sounds that they have learned when they see that particular animal in the book. Also, they are begining to pick up a good bit of sign language. They hear the beat of music & begin to dance!” (Natalie, from Jasper)

“My 1 year old twin girls enjoy Kindermusik all of the time. One of their favorite things to do in The Village Class – Cockle Doodle Moo – is to stand up and do different movements, while singing along to the music. We march, we twist, we go up & down, then turn all around. They squeel in delight! Come join us!” (Natalie, from Jasper!)

“My kids really enjoy kindermusik. They love being around other kids, playing with instruments, and singing songs. My oldest son sings the songs he learns at kindermusik around the house , which makes me happy to know he is enjoying class and learning.” (Susan, from Blue Ridge)


“I’ve witnessed Kindermusik at its best and value the experience for little ones – the younger the better.” (Carson, from Ball Ground)

“My daughter, Parker, loves the class and interacting with other children in her age group and Ms. Bonnie is great She nevers gets remotely upset when Parker decides to run around the room and do her own thing during class; she is very understanding and wonderful with children!” (Tiffany from Blue Ridge)

“Kindermusik has been extremly great for my boys. My youngest which is 2 1/2 can’t wait to go to Kindermusik he ask’s me when can we go to Kindermusik mommy. I think it gets them used to a classroom type scene, helps them socialy, and helps them get a head start early in rythem, and music. My oldest which is 4 has ashburgers syndrome which is a form of autism, and Kindermusik has helped him rise above his condition. He is verry musicaly intuned, and has alot better attention span, Is more social, and has Improved an unbeleavable amount, and others have noticed also. He Is having a great year in school, not a bad day yet, and last year he was doing good to have a couple of good days in a month. I believe Kindermusik has helped him and I am very Impressed with Kindermusik! I also enjoy that It is a special time for me to spend with my boys away from any thing else.” (Jeanna from Jasper)

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