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“What will I think of next?”

March 27, 2010

How creative is your child? Even a little baby can show you he or she is thinking for themselves. Creativity is one of the cornerstones of Kindermusik. We want to encourage your child to create and think for themselves. Children who are just taught with a robotic like repetition, only learn to know what others know, they do not learn how to know for themselves. At Kindermusik we help your child learn to create by first simply giving them the opportunity. In the Village class we give them the opportunity to say the animal sounds, to find out how their muscles work through playing the instruments, and stimulate their brains through use of simple objects like paper plates, socks, paper bags, or even real flowers!

In Our Time your child is given opportunities to explore not only instruments, but scarves, balls, hoops, and more. Have you noticed new ways your child plays with these objects

Imagine That is really where the creativity takes off. Each child is given the opportunity to put his or her own ideas in the class, which shows their language acquisition as well as their new ideas. Children are allowed to create stories, suggest new movements, and play the instruments in a variety of ways.

In Kindermusik Young Child the creativity is still going strong as we create our own instruments and add in our own rhyming words to “Dr. Foster”. We may even think of new ways of notation, wonder how an instrument works, or find new ways to dance like a clock! Its all about engaging our minds to think about the music and ask: “What will I think of next?”.

Kindermusik Parents, How is your childb being creative this semester! Respond by pressing “reply” below!

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