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Learning by Design

April 6, 2010

Do you watch HGTV? I do. I’m quite the HGTV junkie. Of course, I probably shouldn’t be. However, many times when they design a room they “repeat” a color or colors in various accent pieces, pillows, and accessories. The color repetition is what “ties it all together!”

Just as a room comes together through repetion, so does your child’s education. Repetition is essential to the brain’s ability to process and solidify the information that it is receiving. When your child wants to do something again, let them. Their brain is telling them that it needs to make that neural connection be solid. So, play the sticks again, sing and dance in a circle, listen to “Hop Up My Baby”, AGAIN. The time you spend with your child and the enjoyment on your child’s face will be the reward for you and your child will know how much you care.

Also, while you are singing the same song, try new movements, try new ideas, play instruments in new ways. Repeat, then try something new. That’s learning by design!

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