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High, Low, High, Low; 1-2-3, 1-2-3; Yellow, Blue, Yellow Blue…

April 14, 2010

Patterns are everywhere! Does your child notice them? Patterns are in words like button… consonant, vowel, double consonants, vowel, consonant. Patterns are in numbers… 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc., Patterns are in nature, like the colors on a butterfly, the rings of trees, the flight paths of birds. So many patterns everywhere. Each week at Kindermusik we are working on patterns and helping your child be aware of them. Here are some ways we’ve worked on patterns this semester:

Village (ages 0 -18 months): Babies have been moving to high and low sounds as they come repeatedly in songs like: Irish Trot. We go around, go up, go around, go down, and go around again! Not only are we experiencing patterns, but also high and low sounds. The more experience with high and low, the better your child will understand this important language and musical concept later on.

Our Time: One of our class’s favorite songs is: “Toe-Tapp’n Blues” which leads to egg-shak’n blues, swing’n blues, and much more! Our Time in Jasper has really enjoyed exploring all the movements while listening to the pattern of the melody and chords in the song. This song is in the blues style and has its chord pattern:

Family Time: We just listened to “All the Fish are Swimming in the Water” and we felt the music in groups of 2 beats and in groups of 3 beats. Feeling these patterns will help us move in space and in time and help children recognize when patterns change.

Imagine That: We’ve been listening for how to play our drum loud and soft and making that into a predictable or changing pattern. We’ve also listened for the pattern of words in a song, asking: “How many times do you hear “row” in “Row, Row, Row your boat?”, for example. We are also making train maps. These maps give us not only patterns but a sequence of events: Station, Stop 1, Stop 2, Stop 3, Station.

Young Child/ ABC Music and Me: Patterns are everywhere in these classes. Right now we are working on rhythm patterns like: ta, ti-ti, ta, ta. We are recognizing the patterns, clapping them, creating our own, and writing down patterns others clap for us.

Patterns are so much fun, especially combined with Kindermusik. As you can see each age group follows a logical progression from experience to cognition, recognition, and production of their own patterns. That’s the benefit and the value of Kindermusik, we grow with your child to give them the next step in the learning process!

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  1. April 22, 2010 11:24 am

    Like your article I shared it on FB and Twitter. We also work with patterns in my classes: most recent was Family Time song Doctor Knickerbocker! Lots of fun. Have a great day.
    Angie in Portland, OR

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