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“I rate Kindermusik with 5 Stars!”

April 30, 2010

Ever wonder what other parents in North Georgia think about Kindermusik? Jeanna from Jasper, GA says:
“Kindermusik helps children get ready for school…They learn social skills and make new friends. Hey, even the Kindermusik mommies can make new friends! The children learn to share and to take turns. They learn when to move and when to stop, which is self-control. The children get to experss themselves … which builds their confidence. I think [Kindermusk] is a very positive start for children. I rate Kindermusik with 5 Stars!

The five stars of Kindermusik:

1. Making New Friends. 2. Pre-Reading Skills 3. Creativity and Imagination 4. Problem Solving Skills 5. Musical Fun!

All of our Kindermusik classes at Music Moments in North Georgia have been having a great time exploring how they can be Kindermusik Stars!  Some have made new friends. They wonder where their friends are when they are not at class. They talk about their friends at Kindermusik with mom as she drives down the road. They give hugs and really learn to become aware of themselves and those around them. 

Other children have been practicing remembering what comes next in the story. Some have been practicing their letters with songs like “Giddy, Up Horsey” and stories like “Shiny Dinah”.  

All of the children have been dancing in new ways, finding new ways to explore the Kindermusik Toy Shop, and making maps for a musical train ride! They are sharing their own ideas, creating their own stories, remembering sequence, and even making their own choices about how to participate. Kindermusik is all about following the child and giving your child a safe place to learn and discover!

Problem solving is a great skill. We use it in Kindermusik as we learn to dance in our own space, or as we choose instruments to match the train sound. Will sticks make the train whistle? What about a bell? “Bumping up and Down in our little red wagon…. whoops!” “Oh no, our wagon’s broken.. what should we do?… fix it!  With what?… a hammer!”  Asking questions and trying new ideas gives practice for problem solving. 

Musical fun is always key to Kindermusik! While dancing, singing, playing instruments, and having so much fun, you and your child are learning how to learn, how to work with others, how to play, how to rest, how to enjoy living now and in the future!

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