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Row, Dive, Swim, Pretend

June 25, 2010

What a fun time we had rowing, fishing, sailing, and walking like crabs today! Did your child enjoy making Rainbow Fish? Pretending with different objects and in different situations helps your child learn the settings for his own stories and adventures. Pretend to go on a fishing trip by sitting and rowing your boat together, then throw out your pretend rod and see if you catch your Rainbow Fish! You can even make your own magnetic fishing rod and see if you can catch your Rainbow Fish! As you pretend, talk about the color of the water, what it sounds like, all the sea animals you see. See if you can spot a crab on the beach, row back to the beach, and do a crab walk. “Sea” how much fun you can have pretending to be fish and crabs!   Try it with this poem:

Row, Row, a Fishing We’ll Go.

How many big fish will be caught?

One for father

One for sister

One for brother

One is for the fisherman

Who eats his fish, Yum, Yum!

As you are moving, you may use your hands or arms. This movement is an example of non-locomotor movement, movement that doesn’t take you anywhere, except in your imagination. As you walk like a crab, you and your child are doing locomotor movements, movements that take you some place. Doing locomotor movements like walking, jumping, marching, and running, give your child the confidence to do the actions because their muscles are getting the practice and strength they need to be an excellent athlete in the future. Locomotor movements also require your child’s brain to learn to move around the classroom, watching where he is going, and thus learning how much space he needs around himself. Of course, any time we move we create and reinforce the neural connections in the brain for that movement. Those neural connections will be there for learning anything! So keep moving and your child will keep learning!

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