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Follow Your Child…

July 5, 2010

Most of the time we want our children to follow us.  Its important. They need to hold our hands to stay safe and obey what mommy and daddy say.  But… Kindermusik gives your child the opportunity to show you, the parent what he or she is learning. In a safe environment with parents as teachers, its great to let your child show you what he or she knows how to do. Your child might surprise you with his or her knowledge of how to play a gong, or ring a triangle. They might also need your help and want you to show them. The perfect teachable opportunity!  Exploring balls, bells, and scarves together gives your child an opportunity to show you what he or she knows and it gives you, the parent, the opportunity to extend your child’s knowledge by throwing the balls in a new way!  Seeing what your child is doing and extending their knowledge is called scaffolding. Watch what your child is doing this week and see what they need to learn next. Then in simple ways with simple objects teach them. You are your child’s best teacher. They want to learn from you the most! The more they learn from you the more they will be ready to learn from a teacher at school. Do your child’s future teachers a huge favor, spend time with your child, teach them, and help them to know you are their biggest fan!

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