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Does your child understand what you say?

July 18, 2010

Music aTyee and Kadin play the beat with Mom!nd meaning go hand in hand. What do you think of when you hear Jazz music? Is it the same meaning as a hymn sung at church? Probably not. Each style of music is associated with a different attitude, place, and meaning. In Kindermusik we are trying to associate the meanings of words with the actions we do to that particular song. One of our favorites in Creatures at the Ocean was “Over the Sea”: When I was one, I ate a bun, going over the sea. I jumped aboard a sailorman’s ship and the sailorman said to me, “Going OVER, Going Under, stand at attention like a soldier with a 1, 2, 3!.  From this song children can gain the meaning of the words over and under as they practice those movements and parents demonstrate the difference. Practicing actions like over, under, around, through, inside, outside, up, and down help your child learn about the physical space around them. These are spatial skills. Spatial skills help your child judge distances and understand the world around them. Other meanings taught in this song include counting to three, standing at attention, and even eating. Krista in our Jasper class said that her son loves this song simply because it is talking about “eating a bun”. We haven’t emphasized that in the class, but Micah has picked up on that word, “eating” in the song and can tell his mom what it means! So does your child understand what you say?  Listen to what their minds are focusing on, you’ll be amazed at how much they already know, even if they cannot express it in words! See a video of “Over the Sea” at, then click on videos.

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