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Its best with Mom and Dad!

July 23, 2010

Learning is a life long process.  Even from the womb, your child is able to hear Mom and

Ian and Mom are listening to the story together!

Dad’s voice and he or she will know your voices at birth. Therefore the learning process begins with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad, you are your child’s first link to learning. While it may not seem like your newborn can learn very much, in reality his or her brain is gathering a lot of information per second. The brain really likes to get information through the mouth! That’s why everything goes in there! The mouth’s taste buds and other sensory organs tell the brain whether the object is smooth/rough, soft/hard, and edible or inedible. Your child’s brain also assesses the shape of that object in his or her mouth!  Wow! The brain is always hard at work even when we don’t realize it. That’s why your example of learning and how to live as a parent is so important. You are the first book your children read and they will grow to love, adore, and want to please you.

Ellie scoops the sand for a sandcastle!

So how do you help your child in the learning process?  First, by learning from them. Your child teaches you everyday how he or she wants to learn. Does your child watch before trying something new? Or do they fearlessly try everything? When it comes to learning, follow your child’s lead and interests, so that they learn to love learning. Second, once you know how they learn, use their interest to teach them something else. For example, if they are running, show them a path to run. Create an obstacle course with

Emmie explores the sand and seashells

chairs as tunnels and have them follow you. Then you can follow them. If you keep it safe and set the boundaries you and your child can have hours of fun, creative play! That’s the third thing! Have lots of fun playing! Play is a child’s job and it is important that your child has the freedom to explore. Play allows your child to experiment with what they have already learned and also to find new ways to pretend. Finally, make sure YOU are present in a lot of this play time. When you are present and active in your child’s learning process, your child learns and retains more! The more she or he learns and retains, the more their brain and self-confidence will be ready for school!  Why does your child need you, because you are his or her parents, the ones that brought them into this world! Show your child how much fun learning is today, for children learn best, when it’s with mom and dad!

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