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It’s All in the Beat!

August 23, 2010

Did you know that all the dancing, playing instruments, and lap bouncing we do in Kindermusik has a very important purpose?  The purpose is for experiencing and gaining the ability to keep the steady beat!

From the time your child is a baby we keep the beat through bouncing, through exercise, through our dances and all their complicated steps!  Your baby loves to hear the beat in song, chants, and rhymes. When we play the beat on baby’s body, your child is drawn to that consistent sound because it is like the sound he or she heard from mom’s heartbeat while in the womb.

For your toddler the beat is really neat. Your toddler loves to bounce on your lap. Feeling that beat is soothing, but it can also prepare them for a surprise… like “falling down” after a lap bounce horsey ride.  Your child learns to build anticipation and squeals in delight when his anticipation was right. Then he wants to do it again and again!

For your preschooler the beat is even more important. Learning to keep the beat, a stead pulse, allows your child’s brain to coordinate his or her actions in space and in time. Learning this coordination skill will help them learn to dribble, shoot a basketball, hit the baseball at just the right time, or even ride a bike, dance the ballet, tie his shoes, cut with scissors, or write her name.

For your young child in Kindergarten and First Grade, playing the beat is already helping them at school: writing, reading, and arithmetic is the rule.  However, now your child is ready to explore how to play the beat in a musical setting. Now your child learns to read the beat: “ta, ta, ta, ta”, then how to play two sounds on one beat: “ti-ti, ti-ti, ti-ti, ti-ti”. Now beat and rhythm help your child read music, and then to read words. Isn’t that really neat?

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