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What does it all mean?

August 31, 2010

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life? Well, we may not tackle that question in Kindermusik, but we definitely give meaning to life through music and we help children learn that sounds and meaning go together. Even before your child is born, they are learning through listening. In fact hearing is the most developed sense at birth. Your child can already tell the difference between mom’s voice and dad’s voice. So from the beginning your child is learning to associate the sound with an object, person, or place. In Kindermusik we support, encourage, and advance the sense of hearing by helping your child learn to focus on a specific sound. When they focus on the sound of a squirrel, for example, they are learning to put their attention on just that sound. Then, after they hear the sound, they can move like a squirrel, or try to make the sound themselves in order to associate the sound with its meaning. Often we use a picture to stimulate the visual awareness of the sound. Sometimes the sounds turn in to fun games, pretending, and playing of musical instruments. Another way we encourage sound and meaning is to relate the sounds of words to the picture of the word. As we dance, I ask children to choose a word from the movement poster for all of us to explore. They point to the word, and then we say the word over and over. Sometimes the children remember where their favorite words are and they point to them each week. This repetition is key to seeing the word, remembering it, and learning how to spell it.  The children in Young Child last year really enjoyed finding the word “fly” and “run” on the chart!  Not only were they learning the words, but they were having a fun time doing it!  Kindermusik classes help you and your child learn to connect sounds and meaning together for a more meaningful learning experience at class, school, and home. Of course, the joy of music is always the underlying meaning and can help us answer: “What does it all mean?”

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