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Get UP and Move!

September 7, 2010

Most school days are spent sitting in a desk.  I’ve been substitute teaching in public and private schools around my area and I’m bored!

Alex goes up in the air while his brain connects the meaning with the movement!

The children are bored and movement is not taking place. What we don’t understand about education is that movement is the key to learning!  Not only do children want to move, they need to move!

For example, movement and language skills have a unique connection. Let me explain. The brain has two parts or hemispheres. The right hemisphere controls our emotions and creativity channels. The left side organizes logical skills like mathematics and language. When we sing a song that tells your child to move in a certain way like: “Hop UP, my baby!”, your child’s right brain enjoys the thrill of going up, and your child’s left brain connects the word up to the movement that is performed.  Thus, “when children are engaged in movements determined by the lyrics, the brain automatically cross-references both hemispheres, mapping creativity and logic” (from a study by G. Fishbourne in 1988, quoted in Kindermusik Family Time Teacher’s Guide, Mov’n and Grov’n p. 145).   Wow! What wonderful brains God has given us and how we need to utilize movement to teach our children language, mathematics, social concepts, spiritual concepts, and more!

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