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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

September 17, 2010

“Slow and Steady Wins the Race” is one of my favorite quotes quite possibly because I do not often move fast and I always cheer for the underdog.  However, moving steadily is an important life skill. Think about it. In order to type this blog, my fingers and brain must work together and move in a seamless motion. More than typing, though, steady beat is important for tying a shoelace. The fingers must move in a specific pattern and learning that pattern takes a steady hand and a concentrated mind. Steady beat is also important to hand writing. While handwriting may become obsolete with the wide use of computers, PDA’s and iphones, teachers are still requiring that handwriting be mastered. To master handwriting, your child will need a steady hand, the ability to focus, and the ability to pay attention to detail. In a Kindermusik class, we help your child learn to move steadily through playing instruments to the beat, moving and dancing to the beat, even coloring to the beat. We also help them learn to listen to specific sounds and encourage them to focus on the sound and then respond to it in an appropriate manner. Our older classes teach children to use their imagination and to know the details of melodic and rhythmic music reading.

Typing, shoelace tying, and handwriting all require a steady beat, but so does riding a bicycle, and dribbling a basketball. Yes, at Kindermusik, we are concerned that your child can do sports and athletics well, too. The coordination, physical strength, focus, and passion that our classes encourage will help your child succeed in any sport, music group, school, and career. Kindermusik is here for the solid foundation in learning how to learn that your child needs.

So gear up for Kindermusik. It is a learning process. It may seem slow, but each step takes your child to new heights and most importantly helps your child move from one concept to the next on his or her developmental level.

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