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But my child doesn’t participate?

September 25, 2010

Have you ever wondered why your child doesn’t want to participate in various activities in which you involve them?  Depending on your child’s age and life experience, your child may not understand how to participate with others and you in a group.  Has your child ever participated in a class at church or preschool with structure and a purpose?  If not, they may just think its play time, or they may sit there and only watch.  Another response could be “no”, I don’t want to do this.  Especially at the age of 2 or 3 and when your child has not had the classroom experience he or she needs, these responses are perfectly normal!  Think about it, your child has been at home with you or in day care, where things don’t need to be structured as much, perhaps. Or maybe the structure looks and feels different. Coming into a Kindermusik class will be quite an adjustment for your child. If your child has a personality that is shy, then he or she may just simply watch the class or not want to participate at all.  This response is also perfectly normal. Think about it, a Kindermusik class is a totally new situation for your child, allow them time to get used to it.

How can you help your child participate?  You can help by being open to the classroom activities yourself. Make sure you are excited and participate. One mom this week came to Kindermusik with a very shy child, but during the class, she really enjoyed doing the activities with her daughter. Her daughter absolutely blossomed, as I watched them explore sticks, dance backwards, and hug!  For more active children, you definitely have to be engaged in the classroom activities. Your child may need more ideas, more ways to move, and you can challenge your child to think of those ideas. Also, be open to doing activities differently with your child. If we are sitting to read the story, you and your child can act out the story on another part of the room, or with movement. You are still participating in the activity, but you are participating at your child’s level of need. At this moment your child’s brain is telling him or her to move, so allow them to move, but direct their moving to valuable learning.  There is NO Wrong Way to participate in Kindermusik, instead follow your child and guide them to do the activities where they are and in the way that is best for them.

Notice the pictures in this blog.  There are two different ways to play with the hoola hoop! One requires a lot of energy, the other not as much energy, but both ways met the needs of the child for that moment in the class.  Kindermusik is probably the only place to get individualized education for each child, what every child needs, in a whole-group setting.

Scroll down and look at the right hand column, click on the video, and it will show you how your child can participate in Kindermusik, no matter what their response, and they will benefit at the same time!

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