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Kindermusik reveals how your child learns!

October 24, 2010

Do you know how your child learns? Kindermusik helps your child from ages 0 – 7 years through fun and engaging activities that actually teach you how your child learns!  From ages 0 – 18 months your newborn is learning to engage with you. They want to see you, to be held, to be nurtured. In Kindermusik we show you how to further that nurturing through massage, dance, and simple activities that help your child’s brain focus on language. As they learn to sit up, crawl, and walk we support these activities by allowing them to participate in a variety of ways in class. There are so many RIGHT ways to participate in Kindermusik.  As your child learns to walk well and begins to say: “no”, they are ready for the Our Time Class. In Our Time your toddler learns to use his or her large motor skills even more through jumping, running, and tip-toe!  The fine motor skills (or the muscles in fingers and toes) get used through rhymes, finger plays, and a variety of instruments. These instruments help your child discover hand-eye coordination which is necessary for reading, and many life tasks. The story time in class helps your child love reading, learn new words, learn how words make phrases and sentences and helps them play with rhyme.  Once your child is speaking more clearly and can sing some songs all by themselves, they are ready for Imagine That. This class challenges your child’s creativity. I often ask your child to put in their own ideas for the hello song and pretend play.  We also listen to more than one sound at a time. Then we extend their knowledge about that sound to say: “Why did the pots fall on the floor in our morning sounds collage?”  In Our Time, we ask “what is it?”, but in Imagine That we ask: “how does it happen?” or “Why does this happen?”.  We take the thinking and creativity to the next step.  Young Child class is the last step in the Kindermusik learning process. Up till now your child has experienced beat, high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft, etc. We discuss some musical terms and instruments in Imagine That, but in Young Child, we bring all of that experience and discussion into fruition. Now that your Kindergartener or First Grader is learning to read, they are ready to learn to read music and actually learn how to use the musical terms and symbols to play the songs they know and to create their own music. After two semesters of Young Child, your child will be able to read five notes on the staff and play five songs.

Now don’t be confused, Young Child is not just about reading music, but appreciating music and giving your child a love for music that will enhance their lives, no matter if they become musicians or not. In fact Kindermusik is not about making musicians, though many children in this program may become a musician, its really about learning how music can enhance your child’s life and looking at how your child learns in each class.  From experiences in Village and Our Time to critical thinking and creativity in Imagine That, to actual application in Young Child, your child is learning how to learn and you will learn with them along the way.




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