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Play All Day with Kindermusik

October 31, 2010


The best part about Kindermusik is that we value you as parents. Many other educational programs do not. For example, dance classes make you wait outside, they do not involve you in the learning process. Preschools are important, but they may take your child away from you too early. Public schools are increasingly teaching ideas based on socialism and one-world government, which may not fit with your worldview.  (You should check to see what your child’s school believes and what worldview they are teaching from. It will affect your child’s worldview and it may not be what you want your child to believe.)

However, Kindermusik is different. We encourage you to FOCUS ON YOUR CHILD in each lesson, looking for how they are learning, what new skills they are gaining, and how you can help them learn the next step in the process.  We also encourage you to work with your child at home. This is where you can give them your worldview, tell them your beliefs, and help them learn phonics, vocabulary, fluency, patterns, critical thinking, creativity, and more!

Kindermusik believes you are your child’s best teacher and we want to help you teach your child at their own pace through the learning process.  Most of the classes have received home materials now, so make sure to use them. However, you can also download your music for class for FREE and find MORE home activities online at  Just put in the ISBN number from one of your books from class and you’ll have access to so much more Kindermusik. You can also purchase additional songs, send ecards, and more!  Ask Miss Bonnie if you have questions or difficulty doing this. So play all day with Kindermusik and teach your children the values and education you want them to have!


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