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“Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”

January 12, 2011

It’s fun to watch the snow fall, drink hot chocolate, and have this time of rest, relaxation, and catching up on all those projects you have to do around the house.  Even though we are missing school, work, and Kindermusik classes, parents, this is the perfect time to continue Kindermusik at home. Here are Miss Bonnie’s top 5 ways to make music at home:

1. Put on your CDs and dance to your favorite song. Dance any way you want to… it will get you warmer!

2. Read your Kindermusik story before bedtime or anytime. Practice the words in the story. If they rhyme, leave the rhyming word out and see if your child can fill it in! Practice saying the words correctly and have your child watch your lips and then watch his or her lips in a mirror. Ask your child: “Are your lips doing what my lips are doing?”

3. Rock in a blanket: This is so much fun and many of you already do this at home. Rocking actually helps build your child’s sense of balance, sense of security, and his or her awareness of the space around him or her and how he or she is moving in that space. Hum your favorite rocking song and have so much fun!

4. Make an instrument of your own. Use pot lids, rice, beans, even some ice. What kind of sounds do water make? Can you make a water instrument? Could you sing in the bathtub?  What about your snowman? Can he sing? What unique sounds do you hear outside in the snow? Parents, there are so many unique and special opportunities to call your child’s attention to the sounds around them. Take advantage of it, you have time this week!

5. Find a favorite activity of your own in your Home Activities Booklet and Parent Guide you got with your home materials. Those home materials are an investment with a wealth of research that can be so valuable to your child’s learning. Try baking cookies, playing with shaving cream in the bathtub, making your own music, and enjoying the books, CDs, and puppets together.

This time of rest is good. We all need rest. So as they say in India “you take rest” and enjoy the snow and enjoy each other. Your child will actually learn and retain more as they have wonderful unique experiences with you and music during this week. Happy Snow Time!

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