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Are you looking for a way to stay well this winter?

January 27, 2011

Are you looking for a way to stay well this winter? If the flu is imminent and a cold is coming, then try laughing!  That’s right, laughing. It’s true laughter is really the best medicine!  Laughter acuatlly reduces stress and helps the brain to receive the concepts that need to be learned.  When you laugh your blood cells become more active and the chemical balance in the blood changes so that alterness and memory are given a big boost! Laughter also helps boost the body’s immune system for THREE days.  So, if you laugh every day, you’ll never need a doctor… well you might need a check up, vitamins, and the occasional trip to the doctor, but major illnesses can be kept at bay by simply laughing everyday!

Laughter is always a part of Kindermusik! We have laugh when mom’s tickle

Parents and children laugh as the parachute gets faster!

us, when the dancing is fun, and when we find new ideas!  Today, we laughed as we danced with scarves, as we jumped up high, and as we pretended to be horses and sleighs gliding through the snow!  Laughter is a big part of a Kindermusik class. As we laugh and reduce your child’s stress, they relax and become a part of the class, bonding with you and with others, and participating in the learning process!

So laugh and laugh some more!  You can read more about how laughter helps your physical body and health in Start Smart! Building Brain Power in the Early Years by Pam Schiller.

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