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Learning is a Process!

February 3, 2011

I have often wrote about learning being a process on this blog. I want to point out how we help make the process of learning more concrete in your child’s mind. Have you noticed that your child is learning and remembering more things? One child came in and asked me, today, if I remembered when he wore his reindeer pajamas to Kindermusik. Of course I did. I was even more impressed that he remembered as that was about a month ago! What does your child remember and how do you know your efforts at educating your child will stick?

When we learn a concept like steady beat, we have to realize that that concept needs to be presented in a variety of ways so that the brain can understand it and it will “gel” in your child’s brain. For example, we may play the steady beat on the drum, then we bounce to it on mom’s lap, and then we march to the beat of the music during dance time. all the while the steady beat is being reinforced. Later, we might rock in the blanket so that your child really experiences the beat and his or her inner ear is strengthened to help with balance and coordination.  Balance, coordination, and steady beat all go hand in hand and when they are presented in a variety of ways in the Kindermusik classroom, your child experiences them and his or her brain starts to understand and remember what to do.  A variety of beat activities will give way to a deeper breadth of understanding!

So, play with the beat at home in your kitchen on pots and pans, in the bathtub by splashing the water to a beat, dance to your child’s bedroom to the beat, or dance into the grocery store to a beat. Don’t worry that you look strange to others, actually it will be a breath of fresh air to see children and parents enjoying themselves together, PLUS, the more fun you make an activity or a transition to another activity, the more you prevent temper tantrums! 

Of course the greatest part is that when you participate with your child in learning anything you are helping them learn more and retain more simply because you participate!  Parents really are the best teachers! Providing a variety of ways to move, play, read, take a bath, and more in your home, will improve your child’s dapth of learning as they go throughout this life-long process.

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