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Balls, Bumps, and Bells!

May 6, 2011

Hi Music Moments fans! This blog has not been updated in a while because Miss Bonnie has been completing her master’s degree. Now that she is graduating, let’s see what’s been going on at Music Moments!

ABC Music and Me Classes have enjoyed exploring balls, spiders, and dogs all rolling on the ground. Some have also enjoyed the djembe drum from South Africa. Another class enjoyed a Leprechaun story and listening for high and low sounds!

Family Time Classes have enjoyed moving to smooth and bumpy music, creating vocal harmony with bird songs, playing a ball passing game, and riding the choo-choo train!

Young Child 2 just graduated to “real” notes and they can play “Bell Horses” on their glockenspiels.

Young Child 3 has been enjoying new notes like the whole note and learning the low d on their glockenspiels. They especially enjoyed the sound story: “Little Feather” in our Native American section. Check out their videos on

All of these activities have been so much fun, but why?  Well, one reason we are trying to teach several concepts such as:

1. The difference between high and low.

2. Appreciating the music of other cultures.

3. Understanding how to recognize changes in music and show that with our bodies.

4. Develop our creativity!

Beverly loves to find new ways to play the sticks!

What has your child been learning this semester in Kindermusik? Would you share it with your friends on facebook and this blog?

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