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Family Time Fun

May 22, 2011

Kindermusik Family Time has been especially fun this semester. Both classes have had a great time playing drums, listening to the piano, dancing, and learning sign language. We have also learned about instrument families, created our own harmony, and of course lots of fun with the parachute!

Here are some things I’ve noticed about the children in my classes:

Hannah from the Morganton class enjoys patting the rhythms during story time!

Chandler enjoys having mom and dad in class with him and his favorite thing is the parachute.

Eli also enjoys the parachute, but loves instruments, too.  One night, he was our conductor.

Alex has  been enjoying making new friends this semester!

Cayman continues to love instrument time and Addy takes everything in!

In our Jasper class, Kaylee loves “Zoom-e-oh” and likes to sing “Hummingbird hummm…”

Cash enjoys running, storytime, and playing instruments!

Ariel has really become more alert and she enjoys watching all the big kids!

Matthew is learning how to crawl and smiles so much!!

Caleigh enjoys running after class with her new friends!

Whether your child is running, humming, or making new friends Kindermusik Family Time has been very beneficial to each student and parents.

Remember parents when you participate in class, your child learns more and retains more simply because you are singing and dancing with them!

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