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UP, Down, Around and Through on the Allee, Allee, O!

July 9, 2011

“There’s a Big Long Train called the Allee, Allee, O”!   What fun Zoo Train was with five boys and girls in June. We had a great time riding the train, galloping like zebras and horses, stretching our necks as tall as a giraffe, and just “monkeying” around! Zoo Train was an excellent way to help the children learn how to move their bodies in every direction. Each direction corresponds to up, down, around, through, high, low, and using those words with the movements, as we did in our Penguin Wibble Wobble, helps your child not only learn the new vocabulary, but also place himself or herself in the space that word describes. Spatial skills, we call them in educational jargon, means that your child understands how to be, move, and stop in the space around him or her. The spatial skills also transfer to math skills where up, down, around, etc. transfers to directions, shapes, patterns, and especially geometry. Zoo Train was also filled with many listening opportunities that helped the children learn to focus on just one sound at a time. We listened to mommy and baby animal sounds such as monkeys, lions, elephants and more. The Kookaburra was a favorite sound!  Listening, geometry, new vocabulary, attention, spatial skills, and so much more are developed in each and every Kindermusik class. It’s so much fun, too. At the end of Zoo Train, Christopher said: “That was so much fun, with Miss Allee, Allee, O!”


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