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On the Road again…

July 16, 2011

Summer time is a great time for road trips! I took a road trip to my graduation in Virginia in May and maybe one in August to go shopping in Murphy, N.C. is coming up soon for me. What road trips have you taken? To the beach, to camping, to a fair?

Pretending to take road trips can be just as much fun! 6 boys and I have been having a great time “On the Road” with Kindermusik Adventures at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church on Monday afternoons.  We’ve listened to the car engine, flew with the sea gulls, and loved having our own fair, complete with crafts, bowling game, and bubbles!  This week will be our last week as we go camping! More surprises are in store including a campfire! (a pretend one that  is!).

Why all this pretending? Well, pretending helps your child learn how to think, create, problem solve, and think for themselves. At first children just go along with the game, but later they learn to make up their own ways to pretend. When your child is pretending he or she is exploring his or her own ideas and developing their ability to create.

Zander tries the piano, pretending it sounds like the waves of the ocean!

Creativity is going to be an important skill in our world in the coming decades because there are so many problems to

solve!  Pretending in a group also helps children to learn to play and create together! The boys absolutely loved bouncing my blanket as we made “ocean waves” and tried to keep the ball on the blanket. (tried being the operative word!)  The boys also enjoyed putting the sea shells up to their ears to “hear” the ocean!  They thought of that idea all by themselves, based on their experience!

On the Road with Kindermusik has been quite an adventure!

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