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Zing, Ring, Clack, and Tap!

July 25, 2011

Zing goes the glockenspiel up and down

Hannah loves exploring the glockenspiel!

Ring go the bells making a lovely sound

Clack go the sticks, roll them around

Tap the wood block, listen, sounds do abound!

In Peek-a-boo I Love You this past week, we heard so many sounds. We heard a glockenspiel, a wood block, clackers, drums, and bells!  Did you know the world began without sound? I hadn’t thought about it before, but sound is a creation, a gift, from God. I believe that this gift is here for us to enjoy, explore, and learn!  All of the sounds in our world give us an opportunity to pay attention and listen. Kindermusik is so great for learning to listen and focus on one sound. We did that as we stopped and listened to just the woodblock. The babies searched the room as I moved around and their eyes followed my movements as they listened and watched where the sound was coming from. These babies learned to pay attention to the sound, then of course they got to try it!  It was so much fun!

Addy Loves Kindermusik!

Another great thing about sounds is that they help our ears and brain learn to distinguish one from another. Each instrument, each voice, each bird, each animal, each car has a unique sound or timbre (pronounced: TAMber).  While children are having so much fun playing the instruments or listening to new sounds, their brains are recording those sounds, remembering them, and sorting them from the ones that are the same and the ones that are different. Later your child’s brain will take that knowledge and apply it to listening for the different sounds of letters like long a and short a, or the difference between “p” and “t”!  Sound discrimination is important for learning to speak and to read, and in Kindermusik we make it so much fun!

Other timbres were heard this week in ABC Music and Me! In the Giggles class we played castanets, pie pans, and the piano! In Let’s Play we played egg shakers and sandblocks, and we listened to the sounds of the jack ‘n the box!  Check out the pictures on facebook:  and new video on youtube at:

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