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Parents, YOU are important!

August 11, 2011

Changing diapers, serving meals, driving to soccer practice, helping with homework, and reading stories. All of these are activities that you, parents, are involved in. It may seem like a lot to do and you don’t have time for yourself, but every  moment you spend with your child is precious and important!  You will never have these moments back, so make the best of them!

While riding in the car, try practicing ABC’s and creating your own story or song! Eat your meals together as a family and talk about your day and share stories with your child about how you grew up. Children love their parents stories, they love your laughter, your voice, and your care. To them, love is mostly spelled: TIME, and the more TIME you spend teaching your child  the more they will learn and the more they will retain!

The commercial says “Parents: the anti-drug” and its true the more you can invest in your child, the better the returns and the results are betting than money!

This summer has been a great time for parents to engage with their children in Kindermusik. We had a great time on the Zoo Train as we “petted” a variety of animals and instruments. Peek-a-boo, I Love You was sun as well, especially with drums, and they loved peek-a-boo with blankets!  Its not too hard to find creative ways to play with your child. Make up a game, a simple one, with a simple object like a box or a spoon, or find pictures in the sky on your next car ride!

Whatever you do, create and take advantage of teachable moments throughout your day. Doing so will help ease the busy times and you both will learn more than you realize!

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