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Play, Play, Play

September 9, 2011

Of course now that summer is over, playing may not be the first thing on your to do list. School has started and its back to work… but wait, don’t overlook play time!  Playing is the “job” children are supposed to be doing. They need to pretend, work a puzzle, play a game, sing a song, or work with blocks. All of these activities build creativity, social skills, problem solving skills, and so much more. Even if they are not learning something new, play helps to solidify what your child already knows.

Playing looks different a different stages of development, though.  For example, babies will play with parents and with toys, but they are not necessarily playing with  other babies. They may play along side other babies, but they cannot carry on a conversation and play directly with another child.  They will learn to play with others, however, as they have opportunity and as they grow. By age 3 you child should be recognizing that other children exist and have needs and desires and ideas.  This is the point that you will see your child playing with another child as they chase each other or make a tower of blocks together.

How does a child learn to play? Children learn to play when parents play with them. Sometimes its easy to be bored with children’s play because we are adults, but children’s brains really need that repetition. So, find a new way to play and keep you and your child interested in play time.  Of course the main idea is: Have FUN!!

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