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Give the Gift of Kindermusik!

December 17, 2011

Well, Its been a while since I’ve blogged about our Kindermusik classes! I apologize for the delay. I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!
We’ve been having a great time in Kindermusik Village this semester! The Ellijay class did the unit: Feathers where we pretended to fly like cuckoos, cardinals, and owls. We listened to their sounds and each week the babies had the opportunity to make their own bird sounds. Now whether they responded on cue or not or with the correct sound or not, they were given the opportunity and they listened! Listening is the FIRST step to language. Many times the babies uttered their own sounds, that’s ok, too! Any time your baby “talks”, LISTEN! They could have something important to say!

The Jasper Village class enjoyed the unit Do-Si-Do where we danced the Tango, the Waltz, the Charleston and so much more! All the dancing helps babies feel on balance and off balance. Then their brains learn to tell the difference.

Kaylee loves rocking in the blanket!

The Our Time class in Jasper enjoyed hoola hoops and dances that helped with balance and space as well. We also enjoyed lots of Peek-a-boo, and “Wishy-Washy-Wee”! One of our favorite games was pretending to swim in the ocean with little fish and big fish, aka– sandblocks! Pretending, being aware of balance and space, practicing the W sound, and so much more! What fun we had and what great experience in learning!

The Learning Depot Classes are having a lot of fun with rhymes like: Dr. Knickerbocker, Knickerbocker, Number 1, ran out the door to have some fun!” They are also enjoying the accelerando of the song “Obwisana”. This song means: “oh, grandma, I hit my finger on a rock” and as we sing and pass the rock around it gets faster and faster– accelerando! The children love the anticipation this game creates! PLUS! It is so much fun!!

Thank you parents for giving the gift of Learning through Kindermusik this semester. See everyone next semester!

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