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What is Your Kindermusik Story?

January 16, 2012

Cooper's enjoying a relaxing blanket ride!

Since I’ve been teaching Kindermusik, I’ve met a lot of parents and children who have enjoyed my classes. They enjoy the classes because they are fun, they are engaging, and the children are really learning so much more than the parents realized.

Many parents tell me that their children tend to do the activities at home, more than in class. That was the case this past semester with Cooper, who did a lot in class, but would go home and sing “Wishy Washy WEE” with his zig-zag blocks. His mom would comment each week on how he loved that song and would do it over and over again. He also loved the story book about Pete and P.J. Reading that story over and over and singing the song over and over actually helped Cooper solidify the knowledge in his brain! Children 0 – 7 years need repetition because they love the activity and that love helps build the neural connections in the brain, making them solid for now and in the future!

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