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Sign and Sing in Review!

May 22, 2012

Mom signs and says DUCK to Matthew while Matthew plays with the DUCK!

Sign and Sing in Review!

We’ve just completed 10 weeks of Sign and Sing Kindermusik style!  The children and parents had a wonderful time singing, dancing, playing together! As they did so the parents learned how to teach their child to sign. Jennifer was really excited that her son Matthew’s temper tantrums were greatly reduced because he could use the signs to communicate in public places like their favorite restraunts!  Christie, Ariel’s grandmother, loved how Ariel quickly learned the meanings of words and the difference between a duck and a bird through sign language.  Anslie’s mom loved how quickly her daughter learned to sign and could use them at home to communicate emphatically!

How did the parents learn how to teach their children to sign?  There are 4 keys to doing this!

First, get your child’s attention and make it fun! Using toys, games, songs, dance, we signed along as we participated and brought the signs into the child’s world.  Second, we used specific strategies to get children’s attention and help them focus on the sign and its meaning. Third, we watched for the ways each child would sign back to us. Their signs may not always be the “correct”  when they physically do them, but they are similar and parents learned to look for how their child

Children are naturally interested in DUCKS!
Therefore they pay attention to learn the sign!

was signing. Finally, we used signs as a bridge for further language learning. While all the children in our class could physically hear, we didn’t stop saying the words and only signing in the class, the audible word was always paired with the sign so that the sign, the word, and its meaning were realized.   Jennifer, Matthew’s mom, was particularly impressed with this. She had been afraid that Matthew would not learn the words and only sign. Instead, Matthew learned the signs AND the words, and he can now communicate either way he chooses!  Anslie’s mom was also thrilled that she could say and sign the words together!

As the children put together signs and words its really another way for them to read. They see someone sign and they know that motion goes with a specific word or meaning. This is the reading process. Later they will see letters that make words (already know the words audibly and possibly through sign) and connect their aural knowledge to the written knowledge on the page! They will probably learn to read faster because their brain already understands the aural/written connection.

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