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What? Not again!

September 11, 2012

Have you ever had one of those days. I’m sure each mother reading this blog has when you wonder what your child can’t get into next!  They spill their juice, loose their shoe, spill on the clothes you just put on them to wear for  a special picture for grandma, then they write on the walls, and drive you up the wall! 

While every child and parent goes through these experiences, perhaps a routine would help!  Getting up at the same time every day, doing the same morning routine: bathing, dressing, eating, brushing teeth, etc. will help your child feel like the situation is in control and will not feel like they need to control the situation!  Routines bring predictability. If the child learns to know what is coming next, then they will feel more comfortable and more secure in the situation.


Caleigh and Matthew enjoy playing jingle bells together!

Kindermusik classes model this routine by including a hello song, seated activities, dances, more seated activities, more dances, story-time, family jam, rocking time and a good-bye song. Hello songs help us learn that class is starting and help your child know the new friends in his class. Seated activities like lap bounces, instruments, or finger plays help your child focus on balance, creativity, or fine motor skills, respectively. Dances, movement, start/stop games, balls, hoops and more standing activities give your child the opportunity to use their whole bodies! Story time reinforces language, thought, creativity, fluency, rhyme and more. Rocking gives the brain the opportunity to “collect its thoughts”, so to speak. The brain has been learning so much in class about new friends, self-control, hand-eye coordination with rhythm sticks, jumping on one leg, and how to say “yum” that it needs to reflect and digest all of this learning. Resting and rocking gives your child’s brain that time it needs to digest all that it learns. While there are more components to a Kindermusik class these basic components listed above end with a good-bye song! This song not only lets your child know class is over, but helps bring closure to the experience and reviews everyone’s name for next week!

I hope that your routine each day gets a little easier. Its hard with a little one, but keeping things smooth for you and for your child will really help them understand how to do that for themselves in high school or college, or even elementary school when things get busy! 

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