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Your motor skills are very fine, today!

October 16, 2012

Coordinating hands, eyes, and ears!

Well, probably no on tells you: “Your motor skills are very fine, today!”, but they are certainly need to be very fine in order to do very important tasks!  Some of those tasks include typing, using a smart phone, texting, cutting with scissors, writing your name, signing your name, opening your milk carton at school.

All of these activities and more require the fine or small muscles in the fingers and hands and wrists to work well together.  Often times we take these small muscles for granted because we’ve already learned as adults how to do these activities, but for your child these activities are still extremely difficult and your child needs practice in a variety of fun ways in order to strengthen these muscles for every day activities!

In our Kindermusik class this week, we will be developing fine motor skills by playing with blocks, flicking our fingers, using mallets to play the resonator bars, dancing with scarves, playing egg shakers, and so much more!  How do these silly activities (seemingly to us) make a such a difference for your child. Here’s an example:

When we play the egg shakers, even with just a little shake, sounds come out! The fact that your child can make a sound, even a small one, is exciting, and it helps them to want to explore what else the shaker can do. Your child will explore it fast and hard, and soft and quiet, or roll it around! They are learning from experience what is happening and how they are changing their hand motions or the strength of those hand motions to make the sound. With each shake, roll, and tap, their hands grow stronger and they become a little more sure of themselves. This affirmation fosters their growing confidence and independence!

Fine motor skills are so important and so much fun to practice! Plus! Your child can learn to be creative as he or she finds new ways to explore!  Wow! What a difference simple songs, instruments, and open-ended activities in a loving environment make!


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