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What new ideas does your child have?

November 5, 2012

ImageEach day is a new learning experience for your child. What your child learns today will build for his learning tomorrow. At Kindermusik we are working on helping you and your child learn together through a process called scaffolding. It’s really simple. You Observe what your child is doing.Then Acknowledge what he or she is doing, finally, Show them a new way to try it. For example, when your child is tapping his sticks on the floor, you say: “that’s great tapping the sticks together on the floor, watch mommy do it too, now try to tap with one hand then the other”.  In this example, the parent sees what the child is doing, does exactly what the child is doing – tapping  the sticks together on the floor, then shows the child how to tap the sticks one hand at a time. Tapping one hand at a time encourages independent moving and works both sides of the brain!

Scaffolding happens all the time at your house, and you probably don’t know you are doing it! When you read a book and discuss the animals, sounds, or rhyming words, you are helping your child think more about what is in the book. Its not just what is read, but how to take that learning to the next step!  When you ask your child questions about the story and explore it more in depth, then your child begins to learn how to think and ask questions for himself when he is exploring on his own now and in the future!  More thinking, more exploring, more learning! 

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