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Do you want your child to know how to play piano?

January 19, 2013

ImageMany parents ask me: “When should my child start taking piano?”  Some believe that their three year old is a prodigy and is ready to take piano. Who knows, a three year old could be ready, Mozart was. However, most of us are not Mozart’s, instead we need a learning process that matches our developmental process.  That’s where Kindermusik comes in.  Kindermusik helps parents know how children develop and comes alongside you to help you give your child a solid foundation for learning anything!

How is this possible? It is possible because music and movement are the keys to connecting the brain and your child’s heart and soul to the learning around him or her. Music for kids, like Kindermusik classes, are taught in such an intentional way that any type of learner can learn through music. Your child might run around the room, but he or she is still learning. He might sit quietly in your lap, but he is still learning. She might refuse to try at all, but she is still learning. How do I know? Because after class, one day your child will say or do something that reminds you of what that week’s lesson.  She might sing part of a song, enjoy listening to a song, start saying words over and over again! I had one parent whose child kept saying “boom, boom, boom” because that’s what we had said in class. That’s what his brain had learned and how wonderful to practice that letter “b” sound he’ll be reading soon!  When you hear your child “playing” with the activities for toddlers we do in our Kindermusik classes at home or in the car, you know your child’s brain is working, thinking, and enjoying music for kids!

So, I started this post with a question: Do you want your child to know how to play piano? Well, most parents do and with the language growth Kindermusik provides for how your child develops, will prepare your child not only for piano lessons, but also for reading, writing, creativity, and expression. 

So if you child wants to learn how to play piano, how to sing, then, first, help your child by putting them in music classes for kids, like Kindermusik, and then piano lessons for your kid, and learning in general for your child will be much improved and you will learn how your child develops.

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