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Help! My toddler won’t stop moving!

May 3, 2013

Dad and Mom help me Swing! Wheeeee!

Have you noticed that your toddler LOVES to move?  It’s really pretty crazy how they wiggle out of your lap, run down the hall, and can go so much faster than you!  While they are trying to elude your grasp, however, their brains are actually saying “I’ve got to move”!  Moving is essential to learning!  

Why is moving so important?  Moving promotes fitness, visual literacy, balance, coordination, direction, spatial awareness, and more.  Children need to develop these skills because they pertain to physical wellness, reading, and understanding how their physical bodies move in space and in time. So when your child is jumping, he is working on balance and strengthening those leg muscles.  When you hear your daughter’s feet pitter-patter down the hall and she doesn’t fall or run into the wall, you’ll know her brain is aware of how much space she has to move. 

How do you develop these important skills? Simple. You Move!  Jump, wiggle, run, crawl, swing, dance, walk, hop, and prance!  There are so many ways to move!  We’ve been having a fun time moving in a special way in our Kindermusik Go, Go, Go class.  Each week we’ve been going on a “hayride”!  While sitting on a towel the parents move their children around the room and the children LOVE it!  They love it so much they come and grab the towels off my table before its time!  While we are loving the hayride, the children are feeling the movement through their bodies. They feel the direction, the speed, they feel stop and go, and they are so glad to do something fun with Mom and Dad. Check out our “Hayride” videos, click here, then try it at home and help your child use some of that vast amount of energy in a positive way that helps them learn important life skills!

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