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What did your child dream today?

May 30, 2013

My mother is doing her doctoral dissertation on imagination! She sees college students, today, who cannot “think outside the box”. If that is the situation, today, then fifteen years from now when your child attends high school and college, will they know how to discern, think, reason, and create their own ideas? How do you as a parent develop your child’s imagination and creativity so that they will not think in the box?

Wiggle and Grow May 2013 007

Mom and I love new ideas with our hoops!

One way to develop imagination is to give your child open-ended props where they need to choose how to play with them.  Dig in the closet and find some scarves, for example. Take the scarves and move them in different ways, make them as clothes for the dolls, or turn Thomas the Tank Engine into an airplane with them. Any time you move expressively  (the scarf, hoop, toy, or prop helps stimulate the expression), your child taps into a growing imagination. These experiences help develop early artistic expressions your child will carry throughout life. There are really so many ideas and you’ll be amazed at what your child’s imagination can dream!

Another way to be imaginative is to tell stories. When you are reading a book to your child, not only can you read the words, but you might also extend the story. For example, If Clifford has a problem in the story, ask your child how they think Clifford could solve the problem. Then turn the page and see how Clifford solves the problem. You could then write your own Clifford story together using your child’s ideas.

Finally, be imaginative anywhere! There are so many ways to find and appreciate creation and creativity especially this time of year! Flowers are blooming, people are out and about, and it’s quite so hot yet. Find how many ways you can splash in the pool, play with the dog, wash the car, drive around town, or just imagine what each cloud looks like in the sky!

There are so many ideas, give your child one, and see where both of your imaginations end up! It’s great journey! What did your child dream today? Reply and let me know!

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