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Sports or Music?

August 20, 2013

ImageIt’s that time of year again, school is starting and so are extra curricular activities! There are definitely a lot of possibilities out there for your children.  Often the choice comes down to sports or music?  Many parents choose sports because of the active life style it gives their children. Sports are great. They promote teamwork, help children make friends, and help children keep fit. 

Music is great too. It can also help with making friends, teamwork, and fitness.  But what if music and sports could combine intentionally to an even better benefit for your child?

Research has shown that music-enhanced physical education programs are actually more effective than physical education programs that do not incorporate music.  Athletes, like those for the recent Olympic Games, prepare to play through music. According to an article in the National Institutes of Health newsletter, athletes will put certain songs on their mp3 players in a certain order and it made a great difference in their workout.  According to a story from another Kindermusik educator, a professional basketball player was having a hard time making free-throws. His coach had him begin reciting a poem as he was dribbling the ball at the line, and shoot in rhythm with the poem.  His percentage in success with free-throws went up!

So when you are considering extra-curricular activities for your children, consider all of the benefits that both an active music class can have on your child’s sports future as well as academic future.

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