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Does your child have a dancing song?

September 8, 2013

Have you noticed your child is trying to new ideas with his or her body?  Maybe they jump off the bed, or dance like the hip hop music from Pandora.  Your child is Kindermusik Go, Go, Go April 2013 015certainly trying to find his or her own dancing song!

Your child is exploring how his or her body moves because he or she is becoming aware of the world. Your son may want to know if he can be as strong as his favorite super hero. Your daughter may want to try her wings at gymnastics or ballet.  It is important during this time to support your child’s ideas and help him or her understand how his or her body moves, how his or her ideas are important to the whole group, and that he or she can make personal choices.


In our Kindermusik class this month we will be playing musical instruments and encouraging your child to create his or her own ideas.  Then we’ll encourage everyone to try that special idea.  Each child will have a turn to try out their own ideas and see the group confirm that idea by participating together.


Plus, we will dance!  It’s Animal’s A-Dancing and each little animal in our class will have plenty of opportunities to find their own ways to move.  As they run like dogs, jump like frogs, wiggle like monkeys, and roll like pigs the children will have a structured movement activity that helps them develop self-control.


We’ll be having a lot of fun making our own dancing songs in Kindermusik!

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