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Speak to me!

September 24, 2013

When I was a baby, my mother could NOT speak babbling and cooing words to me, I didn’t like them. If she did I would continue fussing!  Instead, I liked long words and stories with sound effects!  My mother recently reminded me of this and I said, “I was destined to be a Kindermusik teacher,” seeing as how I teach and say animal sounds all the time!

My mom was developing my language skills by simply speaking to me. As I listened to her voice and the animal sounds she made, I heard how her voice flows and the natural cadence of her language.  Those fun stories that my mom made up so I wouldn’t fuss when she was changing me, actually made my brain tune in to language and now I love language, made good grades in school, speak well, and run my own business.

While this is my personal experience, your child can have this experience, too.  However, you may need some creative ideas on how to do it!  Well, here are a few:

1. Spend time READING with your child!  Your toddler will begin to recognize pictures, words, and letters.

2. Extend that reading time by singing a song, making up your own story, asking your toddler to help! Toddlers have SO MANY ideas!

3. Make up stories and simple songs to do while your child is fussing, needs changing, doesn’t want to go to sleep. There is a strong association between music and learning, research says! 

4. Get weekly and supportive ideas in a Kindermusik class near you!  Find out more about Kindermusik at my website:

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