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A Rhyme Time for my Valentine!

January 16, 2014

Image Five Little Valentines

Five Little Valentines were running a race.

The first one was, all trimmed with lace.

The second one had a really funny face.

The third one said, “I love you.”

The fourth one said, “I do, too.”

The fifth one was as sly as a fox,

and he ran the fastest to your Valentine box!

Did you know that rhyming is an important pre-reading skill?  Your child’s ears need to hear how words sound the same and how they sound different. Learning to recognize rhyme aurally is actually a precursor to other language skills such as recognizing the beginnings and endings of words!

How can you help your child rhyme?

1. Notice his or her favorite words you say or he or she says. Then make up rhymes that end in those words or use those words.

2. Read stories that rhyme.  We all need “The Cat in the Hat!”

3. Enroll in Kindermusik, which has a different rhyming story every month!

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