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Home is where the Heart Is!

January 17, 2014

ImageHome is more than just walls, doors, furniture, and a roof! While I love HGTV like you probably do, the fancy fixtures don’t make a home. A home is where love, forgiveness, and joy happen daily, where children feel secure, appreciated, and praised. Many homes are not like that, and not all homes look or function the same, and that’s ok. We are all on a journey together to learn how to love and appreciate others especially in our families.

Children learn about home by seeing other kinds of homes.  Some other homes are nests for birds, tree holes for woodpeckers, caves for bears, and tunnels for bunnies.  While we will see more of these things in the spring, learning about them now will help your child appreciate them in a month or two!  Children love to explore animals and watching the videos of these homes will peek their interest, and I can guarantee you they don’t have granite counter-tops!!  

Watching the video with your child will be a special experience. Why? First of all you are doing it together! Its important to take time away from the running of a house just to spend time in your house and help your child feel loved and give him or her the time and attention he or she needs.  Second, while you are spending the quality time, you can make the time productive by discussing the pictures of animal homes and asking questions like: “What color is the squirrel?”  “Would you like to live in a robin’s nest?”  “How big would your nest need to be?”.  Using questions such as these helps your child think critically about what she or he is seeing.  When you add to his or her learning in this way, you help broaden your child’s thinking.  Thinking critically is important for future learning projects like English papers, word problems in mathematics, and solving problems on the job!  Wow, what a difference a little time makes: preparing for learning now and in the future, and making home where the heart it is!

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