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Love and Community in Process

January 21, 2014

ImageFebruary is a great month to express love to one another, family, friends, children, and even strangers!  In our Kindermusik class, we come in as acquaintances and leave as friends. Many of my students make playdates outside of class and they all have a lot of fun.  One of the most fun things in class is our circle dance. In January, the children loved “Sally Go Round the Sun”. At the end of the dance everyone falls down and we count to a specific number, like ” 1… 2… 3″ and everyone jumps up to dance again!  A circle dances “is a very accessible form of dance for people of all ages and abilities, with the emphasis on participation, not performance” (Michaelsen).  

I am always discussing what Kindermusik is, but today I will tell you what it is NOT. Kindermusik is NOT about performance, or getting your child to play an instrument or dance correctly.  We believe children and adults need fun ways to explore music and movement that lead them in the right direction where they will eventually make the connections they need to learn and grow.  Kindermusik is unique in that it is a process, not a desired product.  While moving through this process your child has a lot of fun, makes new friends, and his or her brain gets the exercise it needs to learn anything!  Kindermusik, like circle dances, is something anyone can love!

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